We guarantee that the item you purchased will be delivered as represented on our website.  If you receive an item that is not as described or named, we will send you return shipping and RMA labels so that you can return the item at no cost to you.  We will then either issue you a full refund or replace the item, at our discretion.  

Note: Some graphic representations of products are "in-use" shots to show the context of the part to be purchased.  Those shots may not include all items pictured.  If you are unclear as to what parts are actually included with a product purchase, please reach out to us by creating a ticket above, or by calling our customer service for clarification.  Items that are represented in "in-use" images and are correctly named/described do not qualify for the above guarantee.  However, you may still return the item in accordance with our returns policy.

We will arrange for a no-cost replacement of items that are defective on arrival, provided the defect is reported within 30 days and prior to any installation.  To report a defective item, create a ticket above listing the original order reference (numbers only), and provide images of the item as appropriate.  We will assess the defect and advise.

For items received longer than 30 days ago or that have been used or installed, the relevant manufacturer's warranty will apply.  The way in which warranty claims are handled varies by manufacturer, we recommend contacting them directly as most handle warranty claims without dealer involvement.  If the manufacturer advises that they would like us involved, please have them contact us directly.  If you do not receive satisfaction from the manufacturer, please reach out to us and we will try to assist in any way we can.