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If your fabric was no longer suitably protected, sunlight, rain, dust, and particles can wreak havoc on your awning cloth when it is closed or rolled up whilst visiting your subsequent destination. Don't let the factors degrade your awning cloth by using leaving it unprotected. Safeguard your awning with your preference of Carefree's Fabric Protection options. 

Carefree gives 4 wonderful Fabric Protection options; Vinyl Weatherguard, FLXguard, Uniguard, and Alumaguard.

Vinyl WeatherGuard is a heavy-duty area of vinyl that additionally rolls up with your awning to guard it against the elements.

RV Awning

FLXguard is a new, proprietary polymer developed and provided completely via Carefree, that rolls up with your awning to defend it from the elements. FLXguard is flexible, lightweight, robust, and offers your material the identical safety as greater expensive, heavier steel wraps - at a fraction of the cost.

Carefree awning

Alumaguard is an aluminum wrap that encloses your material curler meeting mechanically as the awning is rolled up. It catches and channels water away, defending your material from the elements. 

RV Awning

Uniguard is a single-piece, aluminum wrap designed to shield your awning material and streamline the seem-to-be of your awning when it is closed. 

Carefree awning

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