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While we do our best to avoid them, mistakes involving the shipment of incorrect items do happen on our end when processing orders.  These can occur as a result of the incorrect keying of a part number, a mislabelling of a part when it was received at our warehouse, or simply a human error when picking the product for your shipment.   

If you received a part that was other than what you ordered, we apologize for the inconvenience and will do what we can to make it right for you as quickly as possible.

Just let us know about the problem by creating a ticket above to send us a message.  Be sure to include your order reference (numbers only, without the "U" or "C" prefix.)  We also need an image of the label that is affixed to the bag, box or part which shows the manufacturer's part number.   If you're not comfortable with how to attach a picture to your message, simply include all numbers you can find on the product or packaging (not the shipping label, though.)

Once we receive your ticket and can identify the part you received, we will make a decision on whether it is worth the cost of the return shipping to pick up the product.  If it is, we will send you via email a shipping label and RMA label to affix to the parcel to return it.  Just print them out, affix them to the parcel and ship the parcel.

Once the parcel is on its way, reply to the email we sent you advising that you have shipped it, and we will get the replacement part on its way right away.  Note that we cannot release the replacement part until you have shipped the incorrect one.

Also, if we are out of stock on the part you should have received, or if it is a special order product, we will contact you to let you know, so that you so you can decide if you want to keep the item on order or cancel the order for a refund.

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