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If you need to replace your RV Door or RV Door Lock, you will need to know which way the door "opens".  This information is also required if you need a new RV door latch for the RV's screen door or if you are looking to install an RV door handle.

Don't worry, it's easy.  The door configurations are referred to as either "left-hand opening" or "right-hand opening".  Looking at the door from the outside. a right-hand opening door will have the hinges on the right so that the leading edge of the door opens to the right.  The left-hand opening will have the hinges on the left.

Most RV doors, like people, are "right-handed", but there are some left-handed doors out there as well.  Make sure when you are shopping for door parts, you get the item in the correct configuration for your door.  

Call one of our parts specialists if you have any questions about what to purchase for your RV door.

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