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Rieco Titan Camper Jack Remote Control Replacements

Many truck campers that are equipped with camper jacks use the ones made by Rieco Titan.  Most have a remote control, and that control can be wired or wireless.  The wireless remote controls have the option for you to plug in a cable between the remote and the control box to enable it to operate in a wired mode.

Rieco Titan used a couple of different remote controls over the years.  If your current remote needs to be replaced, here is an easy way to determine which remote control you need to purchase as a replacement

  • If your remote has a clear plastic hinged lid embedded with the reciever, the correct part number is OSI433N
  • If your remote has no clear plastic hinge lid, but does have 4 red lights the replacement part number is  OSI4333

If you have any questions about replacing your Rieco Titan remote control, or any other questions about Camper Jacks, please contact one of our knowledgeable parts specialists.

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