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RV tanks that are mounted on the front tongue of travel trailers are especially susceptible to damage and premature rusting. This is because they are constantly bombarded with water and road debris while the trailer is being towed. 

Covering these tanks with an RV tank cover can help to protect your propane tanks against such damage. Trailer tank covers also reduce dust build-up on the tank's controls. This extends the life of the regulator, as well as the tank mounting hardware. 

RV LP gas tank covers come in two types: a hard plastic shell and soft vinyl fabric covers

Hard RV LP Gas Tank Covers

Usually designed for double tanks, this is a heavy-duty custom molded and assembled unit that protects your propane gas bottles. A trailer tank cover of this type can also protect your RV from frontal damage by deflecting debris. The tank cover will prevent rocks, grit, and salt pellets from hitting the front wall of the RV coach section. 

These hardcovers are made to cover double 20 lb and 30 lb propane bottles. They are the best protection for your LP Gas bottles from flying debris while streamlining. They cover the complete tank and RV regulator assembly with a hard plastic shell. These covers are available in several colors to match the color scheme of your RV.

They have a top panel that can be removed. This allows you access to the tank valve and regulator area without having to remove the entire cover. You can still easily slip the entire cover assembly off the tanks. This is especially handy when it is time to exchange or refill them.

Hard RV covers of this type are manufactured by Icon Technologies and Camco. Replacement tank cover lids are also available because they are sometimes lost because they are not re-secured correctly after use. Make sure you tighten the retaining nuts tight after accessing the tank area because they can loosen from road vibration.

hard tank cover

Icon hard tank covers are made of high molecular polyethylene for maximum durability. They are also treated with a special ultraviolet inhibitor to protect against damage from the sun's UV rays. 

Camco's RV Propane Tank Covers are very simple to install and use. The cover simply slips right over your tanks, providing a secure fit. The hinged access panel offers easy access to the propane tank valves and changeover regulators. 

These durable Camco covers are made from a heavy-duty, UV-stabilized polymer. Like the UV inhibitor on our Icon covers, this feature protects the cover against sun damage. Camco's covers come in Polar White, Colonial White, Black, Bronze, and Champagne colors.

Soft Trailer Propane Tank Covers

There are also soft vinyl covers available for LP Gas tanks that come in sizes to fit:

  • Single 20 lb. Tank
  • Double 20 lb. Tanks
  • Double 30 lb. Tanks
  • Double 40 lb. Tanks


These soft covers also feature a zippered flip top (except for the single 20 lb tank cover.) This allows access to the tops of the tanks while the cover is still installed. They also have a soft inside lining that is mold/mildew resistant and a water-resistant exterior that can be wiped clean with soap and water. 

Our soft tank covers are available in polar white, gray, and black colors. Adco Products also offers them in specialty finishes like a diamond plate look and a camouflage design for the outdoorsmen look. They offer a snug, tailored fit to prevent them from blowing off while you are traveling down the road. 

Adco Products and Classic Accessories both offer a selection of quality soft covers for RV tanks. 

soft lp tank cover

Adco Covers will protect your propane tanks while being stored. These Heavy-duty vinyl covers feature a Molded nylon zippered top lid that is reinforced with a pressboard insert. This construction makes for a stronger and more weather-resistant cover. 

Adco covers also retain their shape very well. The hollow bead welt cord and elastic shock cord extend the cover's life and provide the best possible fit.

OverDrive RV Tank Covers from Classic Accessories will, like the other covers, offer great protection for your trailer propane tanks from dirt, rain, snow, and debris. 

All tank covers are covered by warranties of up to three years. 

RV Part Shop offers a complete selection of RV covers, including full motorhome and trailer covers. We also carry tire guards, tire covers, RV air conditioner covers, and trailer LP gas tank covers. Adco Covers also produce a line of RV windshield wiper and RV mirror covers.

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