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Protect your RV Investment!

Because the northern US and Canada have harsh winter weather, RV owners in these areas face a good part of the year having their motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel or truck camper at the mercy of large amounts of ice, snow, and rain. If you want to keep your RV in a condition that is great for camping travel, some of the top reasons for getting an RV-specific cover are:

  • The finish on your RV, including paint, decals, and clear coat can be damaged or faded by the sun's UV rays, as can awning fabrics, vent domes, etc.
  • Dust, dirt, sap, or bird droppings from above can damage your roof and sidewall finishes as well.
  • While RV Covers are Water-resistant to repel moisture, they are not waterproof. That is a good thing you want the cover to breathe to allow moisture to evaporate.
  • Covers left on when it is sunny, even in the summer, will stop the premature deterioration of your RV's roof, including both the main RV roof membrane and the caulking/sealant used to seal at the edges of the membrane.
  • Reducing the number of times you need to wash your RV. The black streaks caused by rain or melting snow or ice mixing with dirt and residue from the roof will not happen with a cover installed.
  • RV covers are built and specifically sized to fit a certain RV and length. They also have built-in cinches and buckles so that you can easily tighten the cover onto the RV, without the use of additional straps. They also have built-in vents to allow air to flow through when you want the moisture to escape.
  • All covers have multiple zippered panels on the passenger side of the RV, allowing to access the RV's interior while the cover is installed.
  • Your RV will look newer longer, so you will retain a higher resale value. 
  • The extra barrier helps to make sure your interior remains free from contamination and prevents larger physical damage to your roof and interior due to an undetected leak.

Why Tarps do not make Good RV Covers 

While it might seem like a good idea to just get a polypropylene tarp from your local hardware store to cover up your RV for the winter, but that is a bad idea for several reasons:

  • RV Covers, no matter what the material or how tightly they are put on, move with the wind. Because they do not have a soft fabric underside, tarps will be like a big blue piece of sandpaper when the wind rubs them across your RV body's nice shiny surface. The hardness of the polypropylene is extremely abrasive to your RV.
  • Because Tarps are solid material, they cannot "breathe" and allow any moisture trapped under the cover to evaporate when the weather is dry. Water will find its way under any cover, so you want it to be able to escape. Otherwise, mold and mildew will grow, and you will find that the nice shiny white RV you put away before the winter is now lime green in the spring.
  • RV Covers as sized in the right shape to fit your RV perfectly. You might to get multiple tarps of various sizes to cover every square inch of the coach, then deal with trying to take up additional material and secure the tarp to the RV, An RV-specific cover will save you all that work and provide a tighter fit to the RV.

What Kinds of RV Covers are Available?

RV Part Shop offers RV covers in multiple length ranges in the following configurations:

  • Class A RV Covers
  • Class B and C Motorhome Covers
  • Travel Trailer Covers
  • Fifth Wheel Covers
  • Truck Camper Covers
  • Toy Hauler Covers
  • Teardrop Trailer Covers
  • Molded Fiberglass Trailer Covers
  • Horse Trailer Covers

What makes and series of covers does RV Part Shop Sell?

RV Part Shop sells covers from the two most respected manufactures of RV and trailer covers. Each of them offers fabric and quality-level choices to fit your climate and budget needs.

trailer cover
Adco Products offers covers suitable for winter climates that are made from two fabrics. The RV Designer Wind Tyvek series is the premium cover line, providing a tough, durable yet soft fabric with additional body cinches to minimize wind movement. The less expensive RV Designer SFS Aquashed line, like the UV Hydro series offered by brick-and-mortar RV dealers, is less expensive and is a perfect selection for winter protection when your RV is not stored in a windy location.

What is the difference between the actual Wind Tyvek and SFS Aquashed fabrics? Well, while both RV covers are equal in their water repellant qualities, the Tyvek is more UV resistant. Tyvek would be the best choice if you are going to store your RV in the sun for extended periods. SFS Aqua Shed is better for wet, rainy climates.

Adco also makes a series of Winnebago RV covers that are designed to fit Winnebago RVs and feature a retro Winnebago logo motif. Finally, Adco's Storage Lot covers, as the name suggests, are designed for storing RVs in a storage lot. They do not have the range of features that the Wind Tyvek and SFS Aquashed do, so they are recommended more for use in southern climates or indoor applications farther north.

Classic Accessories is the second major RV cover manufacturer. Their cover/fabric series include (in descending order by quality level):

  • ProTop4
  • Encompass RV Covers
  • PermaPro
  • Polypro 3

Both suppliers offer quality products with great after-sale service.

Right-Sizing your RV Cover

Each of the RV Cover types above comes in multiple lengths. See our article on how to measure your RV for a cover to see how to get the perfect fit.


All covers come with a warranty ranging from two years to a lifetime warranty. Be sure and ask your RV Part Shop professional what length of warranty applies to your cover.

In addition to the best RV Covers, RV Part Shop offers tens of thousands of other products perfect for camping travel and outdoor living. Our website is available to make purchases 24 hrs. a day. Simply press the button on your mouse and you can be shopping for RV parts and Accessories in minutes.

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