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Class B Recreational Vehicles like Sprinter Vans do not have flat sides or the available space needed for the installation of a vertical arm awning.  Most RVs use the vertical arm style of awning, but that is not possible on a class B motorhome.

The solution is what is referred to as a box awning or case awning.  It can be described as a horizontal cannister housing the roller and fabric.  As it is deployed, the front face of the cannister becomes the leading edge of the awning, while the roller remains in the body of the cannister.

The support arms are stowed horizontally in the cannister, then folded out and attached to small brackets on the body to support the awning when deployed.  These brackets are made small enough so that the front one can mount between the passenger door and sliding door.  The back bracket is generally mounted aft of the sliding door when it is fully open. 

Here is an image of an installed box awning in travel position.


and the same awning when deployed for use:

RV Awning

Box awnings are available in lengths from about 8 to 16 feet.  They come in a variety of fabrics/colors and there is also the option for different case colors as well.  The most popular series of box awnings include the Freedom RV awning series from Carefree of Colorado and the Dometic 9500 Series Patio Case awning.

Box awnings can be configured to be cranked out manually or extended with a powered motor.  Contact one of our RV Awning specialists for assistance in configuring the best solution to fit your needs.  If you have a pop-up camper, we also carry Camper Bag Awnings that are more suitable for that kind of trailer.


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